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Hazrat Babajaan and Meher Baba

Destiny is connected by those events in history, which when traced back show a magical pattern suggesting a divine plan. The revered Sufi Saint, Hazrat Babajaan spent her last 25 years in the city of Pune and left for heavenly abode in 1931. Two decades before her passing away, a chance encounter with a 19 year old Parsi Boy, Merwan Sherian Irani, transformed not only the young man but also the world.

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Habib Baig at New Kashmir Stores, later named Heritage c. 1973

The story of Haji Habib-ullah Baig and his creation mirrored that of a quintessential Bollywood blockbuster, of a character who makes it from rags to riches. The store became the calling of every guest of India who visited Pune. Eminent foreign dignitaries to the famous personalities, industrialists, cine artists, sportsperson frequented the Universe of Heritage. A decade after its foundation, it was now a household name.

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Construction phase of the first Heritage at the iconic MG Road. C. 1957

Timeline of the brand Heritage Handicraft, spanning 62 years, since 1957.

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