from Jammu & Kashmir


Kashmir is an Ocean of art work when it comes to Shawls and Stoles.

Fine wool extracted in the valley gives way to many other exquisite pieces of work, which are in vogue since centuries now across the world.  Kashmiri shawls have been renowned for centuries as the pride of emperors, kings, nobles, and today, they are admired and worn by common people worldwide. This fabric of Kashmir has a rich history and sheer human genius crafted into it through hand embroidery, be it sozni (needle work) or aari (hook work). Besides Pashmina, the below are the other rich varieties of shawls which Kashmir, India gives to the world.


Spun out of merino wool-tops, it is a popular type of shawl with immense variety and moderate prices.


Silk shawls are made up of four different kinds of wild silks: muga, eri, tussar and oak tussar. All these yarns are hand spun. Only the very fine muga yarn is a reeled yarn that is naturally gold in colour. Eri silk is cultivated on the castor plant and oak tussar on oak trees in the Himalayas. Muga is now produced on indigenous fodder trees Litchia polyantha and Michelis bombacina in the Kumaon Hills.


Place of Origin
Jammu & Kashmir, India.

Merino Wool & Silk.

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