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Indian Rosewood

Indian Rosewood or Dalbergia Sisso is a deciduous tree, and a type of solid wood.


Indian Rosewood, Sheesham or Dalbergia sisso is a deciduous tree. It is a type of Solid wood. Sheesham is best known internationally as a premier timber species of the rosewood genus, but is also used as fuel wood and for shade and shelter. With its multiple products and tolerance of light frosts and long dry seasons, this species deserves greater consideration for tree farming, reforestation and agro forestry applications. 

After teak, it is the most important cultivated timber tree of the Bihar, which is the largest producer of Sheesham timber in India. Inlaid designs and carving on the wood make way for building beautiful boxes which have a high demand in both local and international markets. Also other pieces of Artefacts in the shape of Elephants, Chess Sets, pen stand’s and other various items make for some great artistic work.

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Bihar, India.

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Indian Rosewood.


Wooden brown, with elements in gold or white.

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